mercoledì 10 settembre 2008

Bon voyage! [and a few rules before travelling]

Welcome, Videogame Travellers!
Ready for a new journey?

The rules are simple:

1) Take a picture of whatever captures your attention.
A character, a building, a landscape, a scene... There's absolutely no restriction as to what you can photograph.

Try to take meaningful pictures.
Partecipation is open to anyone and there's no need to be an actual photographer, but we want you to create galleries of photographies, not just anonymous tons of screenshots.

Only pictures from videogames are accepted.
You can send the whole screenshot or just a small detail. Photo editing is admitted, as long as you don't paste parts from different pictures or games together.

You can give your photos a title.
There's no character limit, but please don't write a novel to name them. At least for now, we'll stay focused on images.

Each month has its main gallery.
For the time being, we'll alternate a theme-related gallery and a single videogame title-related one. You'll find a list of names on the right column to help decide the theme for the following month via public poll.
If you don't like any of the possible choices, feel free to suggest one via email: if a theme is proposed by many, we'll add it to the list. In order to keep the polls as fair as possible, though, we won't accept and add any more possible answers after the 15th day of each month.

You don't have to partecipate to the monthly theme gallery in order to send your pictures.
Each week a second gallery will collect all the other photos, as well. Tags should preserve order among photos.

Please do your best to keep any discussion on polite levels.
Comments are open to anyone and are always extremely welcome, but this is not a forum and there are not moderators: everything is up to you.

This blog has just started and may need its time to improve. If you have suggestions, share them and send them via email.

Looking forward to see where you have travelled without moving.

Bon voyage!