lunedì 27 ottobre 2008

Not travelling? Spread the word! [and a few rules before moving]

Howdy, Travellers!

Apparently, many of you still can't manage to send us their photos despite liking the idea of videogame photography, be it because of poor cameras or screens, too-blurred pictures, lack of self-confidence... or simple laziness.

In this case, is there anything else you can do to help this project? Yes, there is.
And that is: spread the word.

In the last few weeks, we have been trying to get in touch with many videogame sites from all countries to help us make the existence of this blog a little bit more known. Of course we'll keep doing our best even in the next months, but considering the number of foreing languages involved, we are not always able to communicate our message to national (and non-anglophones, in particular) sites - not to mention finding the main lot of them on the Web.

So this is how you can hugely help us:

- Tip your favorite or national websites about this project;
- Talk about us briefly in the videogame forums you usually hang around or visit;
- Share our blog even among your non-gamer friends through channels and communities like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Orkut and so forth.

Is your help really worth it? Just give it a try and see, but we strongly believe so. Because in a not too distant future, we might end up having a lot more Travellers' photos and journeys to share, look at and comment all together.

...And isn't this the reason why we are all here?

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