mercoledì 1 ottobre 2008

October 2008 gallery theme: Places

Ladies and gentlemen,
the poll has finally come to an end. And the winner for the October theme gallery is…


Not so much of a surprise, actually. But now it's official!

These were the final results:

People 11 (14%)
Places 32 (41%)
Scenes 16 (20%)
Arts and crafts 07 (09%)
Feelings 11 (14%)

All right then… Time to start travelling without moving!

From South Bohan to Lara-Croft-raided Peruvian temples, from Rabanastre to City 17 or even to the Scumm Bar in Melee Island, look for inspiration in any of the videogames you are playing and share with us your best photos starting from today.

Pictures sent during the week (if any) will be regularly posted on Sunday. If you have questions, you can find a couple of useful FAQs on the right-side column or email us at

Until next time…

Bon voyage, Travellers!

P.S.: Before heading back to places that don't exist, we would like to thank all the 77 Travellers who took their time to vote and help us choose the theme for this month, as well as all the virtual photographers who sent us their beautiful pictures without even waiting for an actual theme to be chosen. So thank you very much for your participation.
We hope you will be of inspiration for many other Travellers in the next weeks!

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